Photography Exhibition

The Exhibition GROUNDED main purpose is to challenge photographers and amateur photographers to think about the purpose of their creativity. What does GROUNDED mean to them. This is a great opportunity to think öutside the box”.

24 Photographs will be chosen for the exhibition

  • Two entries are permitted.
  • It must be your own work.
  • Entry – digital files are to be uploaded (min 1mb – max 5mb).
  • Digital manipulation is to be kept to a minimum.
  • Written permissions are required for people that are recognisable in the photograph.
  • Entrants must be a Banana Shire resident.
  • Entries Close 5 pm 15th February 2020.
  • Exhibition dates 22th February – 31st March 2020
  • As the Works are being presented in a public foyer area of a public hospital, please be aware that explicit language or imagery that contains references to nudity, drugs or alcohol will not be permitted. Artworks must be appropriate for viewing by people of all ages, cultural backgrounds and religions. Please note that all proposed artwork will be reviewed by a panel, and 24 works will be placed on display in the hospital’s Gallery.