Being by Nickeema Williams

Exhibition dates: 13th June – 31st July 2020
Location: Biloela Hospital, QLD

An exploration of cultural connection to land while in isolation. I am a Aborignial, Torres Strait and South Sea Islander woman. I have strong connection between the sea the rainforest and the bush. I have been inspired by the colours of those environments. Through out this project I have used art as away to reground myself and focus on my wellbeing. Working and creating amidst the global pandemic of COVID-19 and with the travel restrictions from community and family retaining my connection to country has been really important to me. 

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International Year of the Nurse & Midwife 2020

Online exhibition – runs through out 2020

As we celebrate the year long celebration of International Year of the Nurse and Midwife we are showcasing nurses journey not just in the Banana Region but all over the world.

Nurses & Midwives from all over the world, we would love to hear your story. Not matter how short or how long your journey in nursing & midwifery is.
We would love to hear from ALL different types of nurses, dental nurses, veterinary nurses, school nurses……from all over the world. Please help add to our online exhibition. This exhibition runs until the end of 2020.

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