Hint 2. B&W or Colour

GROUNDED Exhibition

This is a great debate and often it’s a personal preference. How I choose is often drawn by the type of emotion I want the viewer to feel.
Colour can sometimes be distracting and if you take that away then people are more likely to be drawn to the emotion on the image. If it is loud and energizing, I want the view to feel I may be drawn more to colour.
Which one would you pick in this case, Colour or B&W?

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Local Artist EOI

Bringing art to Biloela hospital aims to not only make a difference to people within the hospital but also give local artists, both professional and emerging (residing in the Banana Regional Council area) opportunities.

We are looking for 3 artist to exhibit in the first round of the Art Gallery. Artists works must be on paper and but not excluding to visual artist. Photographers, poets and storytellers are also encouraged to send in an expression of interest. This is a paid opportunity for professional artists. Artists who are successfully chosen to exhibit will be paid an artwork loan fee of $400.00. This project is being managed by artist Katrina Elliott for the benefit of the Banana Regional community. If you are interested in participating in this opportunity, please send an email requesting an EOI form to info@katrinaelliott.com.au . EOI due in by 2 March 2020

The Art Gallery Gladstone Hospital –
Proud new owner of works by Artist Irene Sparkes

Artwork Requirements

Size: All artworks must be under 420 x 594mm, and fit inside supplied silver A2 frames. All 12 frames must be filled.  Artworks can be portrait or landscape in orientation. If you are selected, you will receive a template kit to the orientation of the 12 frames in the local artist gallery and label formats.

Material: All artworks must be on paper, with minimal/no collage.

Subject matter: There is no set theme for this exhibition, artists are free to explore their creativity. However, as artworks are being presented in a public foyer area of a public hospital, please be aware that explicit language or imagery will not be permitted. Artworks must be appropriate for viewing by people of all ages, cultural backgrounds and religions. Please note that all proposed artwork will be reviewed by a panel, and they will have final determination as to whether artworks will be placed on display within the hospital.

Sale of works: Artist are permitted to sell their works, all sales must be managed by the artist. (exchange of money, delivery of works etc) Pricing and contact numbers will be displayed on the artwork labels.

CQ Blossoms

CQ Blossoms, 2019

Location: –  Antenatal Assessment Room
Artist: Katrina Elliott

Art can make a huge impact on how people feel when they enter a room. Some women and partners may be feeling anxious when they are coming to their appointments, by having an environment that is less clinical in looks and feel can help to lower stress levels. I feel it is important and everyone feels welcome and comfortable in hospital and clinics. By using Nature as a theme, I feel this is a perfect way to be welcoming to all that use this service.
The newly refurbished space plays an important part of caring for pregnant women and their neonate(s).